Kasag in Hiligaynon


which means Crab in hiligaynon (language often referred to as ilonggo, are a subgroup of the Visayan people whose primary language is hiligaynon ).

When we went to Isla de Gigantes, Carles Iloilo, an island in northernmost part of iloilo province. We tried there “kasag”. The only ingredient that was put in was water and a lil’ bit of salt because of course the crab is salty. It was delicious and “tambok” (fat) delicious!

Crabs are generally covered with a thick¬†exoskeleton, composed primarily of¬†calcium carbonate,[4]¬†and armed with a single pair of¬†chelae¬†(claws). Crabs are found in all of the world’s oceans, while many crabs live in¬†fresh water¬†and on¬†land, particularly in¬†tropical¬†regions. Crabs vary in size from the¬†pea crab, a few millimetres wide, to the¬†Japanese spider crab, with a leg span of up to 4 metres (13¬†ft). -wiki


Budbud with Sweet Mango (Special) in Dumaguete City


One thing I will remember when I heard a word Dumaguete is ‚Äúbudbud‚ÄĚ a gelatinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves and it comes with hot choco or the cacao. The local delicacy in Dumaguete found at the heart of the city or the central market where I first tried it. But you can have this also in Gabbys Bed and Breakfast where there is a sweet mango in it. The budbud costs just Php 12.00 per pair with tsokolate or hot choco.

Sakuma Drops since 1908

graveOfthefireliesI’m a Huge fan of¬†Hayao Miyazaki’s work, and that’s include the Grave of the Fireflies. While watching the film, I saw the candy named “Sakuma Drops”. After that I¬†tried to googled¬†it¬†where I can buy this candy. Then tadaa! I found it at the¬†Saizen-Daiso, located at Robinsons Bacolod 2nd Floor Building.

These are the images of Sakuma Drops at Saizen. It cost me Php 88.00 and it comes in different colors and flavors. When I ate it, I felt I was in the Movie T_T Yum!


Welcome Negrosanon! #tastenegros


Taste Negros is a blog in Negros that writes about food, restaurant, places all over the province. If you have any suggestions about restaurants, places and other local brands in Negros, feel free to email us then we will write it down for you!

The Negros Island Region (Hiligaynon: Rehiyon sang Isla sang Negros; Cebuano: Rehiyon sa Isla sa Negros; abbreviated as NIR) is the 18th region of the Philippines composed of the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental with the highly urbanized city of Bacolodin the island of Negros. -Wiki